Friday, November 28, 2008

झाले सुरु झाले, प्रेतांच्या टाळुवरचे लोणी खाणे सुरु झाले.

सुरु झाले, राजस्थान मधल्या निवडणुकीत दहशतवादावरुन मते मागायला सुरवात झाली. आत्ताच NDTV वर या संबंधी सध्याच्या मुखमंत्रांची मते मागणारी जाहीरात पाहिली. केंद्रिय सरकारला दहशतवादाचा बिमोड करण्यात आलेले अपयश, मग आम्हाला निवडुन द्या अश्या अर्थाची ही जाहीरात.

जगातील कोणतेही राष्ट्र या दहशतवाद्यांचा संपुर्णपणॆ नायनाट करण्यास यशस्वी झालेले नाही. अगदी इस्रायल सारख्या देशातही कडाक्याचा बंदोबस्त असुन देखील कुठेतरी घायपाताची घटना घडत असतात.
यांचे राज्य असले तरी.

थोडातरी या नेते मंडळींनी धीर धरावा, मुंबईमधली जखम अजुन भळभळतेय.


Anonymous said...

when congress and other parties use cast and religion (forever) for electoral gains you may not react similarly. when bjp does that you shout immediatly. this is the real trouble buddy.


My dear friend,

You are mixing two different issues. I am taking about terrorism and not about caste and religion.

Besides that I am of a strong opinion that using Caste,religion for the political gain is unacceptable irrespective of any political party.

My objection at this particular moment when Mumbai is burning, political parties should not try to make political advantage of the situation.

So I strongly believe that this terrorist attack should not be made an issue in elections.

If you are talking about any particular political party, even they had miserably failed to control the attack during their raj.

Vivek Patwardhan said...

I agree with you Harekrishnaji. 'Pretachya Taaloo varche LoNee' is the most apt description indeed!

Vivek Patwardhan said...

Dear Harekrishnaji,
Please also see this :


Mrudula Tambe said...

I think it is an advertise which is a part of their pre-election advertises and it has nothing to do with the Mumbai happenings. O even did not see a single word related to Mumbai incidence.

I was working with Marathi Daily Tarun Bharat, advertising department and I know how these advertises process.

The content of these advs. is get done nearly 6 months ago. Then various legal experts read and give red/green signal to such advs. As party cannot have an adv. which could create legal problems. Then month before it comes to the editor of that news paper. The advs. department decides whether to decide publish that adv. or not since they also cannot afford to have their paper go through legal process.

It is sheer co-incidence that it publish next day. I don't think national party like BJP will go to such an extend. I did not even heard a single word from BJP leaders critising congress in last 4 days.

Ofcourse, you can very well continue publishing such articles and divert people's mind but I'd like to say only one thing. NDTV India who shown this news, was broadcasting live Commando acts despite requested by the Govt. time to time.

One cannot expect any kind of ethics from such channels. They are ready to go to any level for TRP.


Dear Mrudula,

I understand that. BJP could have immediately stopped all related advts.

However if you read the Pune Sakal for Nov 29, you will find related news regarding same kind of Advt in New Delhi by BJP

I feel any political party should not make terrisum as election issue. Even BJP have miserably failed on this front. from Karkil, attack on Parliament, Akshardham, realising terriorist and taking him to KAndahar (if I am correct ) by Union Home Minister etc.

Dear Shri Vivek Patwardhan

I read the article in Hindu. It's a really sad state of affairs.