Sunday, November 26, 2006


Keep your eyes open. Never ever pass by any unsafe act.


This in continuation of privious blog on Death trap opp. Churchgate Rly.Stn about people juming over road divider and risking their life The problem still contiues. What makes human to risk their life ?

I feel the complete system around Churchgate needs to be reviewed.
The road monitoring system around Churchgate railway station is I feel of extremely hardship for the commuters of public transport and for the pedestrian. It’s designed in such a way to give comforts to the vehicles users only. Nowhere in the system is the pedestrian in centre and of prime importance.
Everyday about 350,000 pedestrian make use of roads and footpaths around this particular area whereas against the numbers of vehicles are in few thousands.The hardship for railway commuters starts as soon as they come out of Churchgate railway station. Either they have to make compulsory use of the comparative narrow subways with shopkeepers and food stalls encroaching or walk till the end of barricade on Maharshi Karve Road to cross the road while going to office or going back to their home. The easiest and fastest way for the pedestrian including women, olden citizens who are in a hurry to catch muster or train back to home is to risk their and motorist and bus drivers life by hoping and jumping over the 2 feet barricade and to cross road as there is no convenient pedestrian crossing. The footpath just outside station is very narrow. Also the barricade on Veer Nariman Road and from Eros to Samrat Hotel makes road crossing difficult. Even for the bus commuters and BEST bus drivers, the bus stop outside station is dangerous because of heavy movements of railway commuters and taxi drivers. Few policemen try to control the human ocean in vein during morning and evening peck hours. It’s a waste of police force. How can we even expect for small policeforce to manage lakhs of pedestrian ?
Nowhere in world has police tried to stop pedestrians crossing the road as soon as signal lights turns red with the help of rope except in this region. The chances of persons tripping over the rope cannot be overlooked.
My request is please give prime importance to pedestrian who are in very large numbers comparative to vehicles on road. Recognize the Right of Way of Pedestrian to use road and footpaths. Make life easy for him. Why they should hop and jump and risk life while crossing road? Please make a convenient pedestrian crossing wherever required.. Till then as short term measure increase the height of barricade on Maharshi Karve Road. Please allocate a convenient place for taxi passengers to alight as at present taxies halt near station and cause traffic jam.
If necessary divert the private vehicles and taxies traffic near the railway station during morning and evening peak hours or let traffic police control the vehicles more effectively rather than Mumbai Police controlling huge crowd.


Raga: Bhairavi, Tala: DadraThaat: Bhairavi
Shaama Sundara Madana MohanaJaago Merey Laal
Praata Bhaana Pragata BhayeGwaala Baala Milana AayeTumhare Darasa Dwaarey ThaadeyMohana Muraliwaala
Wake up, my dark, charming little Krishna. It is morning and your cowherd friends have arrived. They are waiting at the door for you


Saturday, November 25, 2006


I do not understand why - so much of a importance is given to cricket in our country. Please call back our cricket team who are on pleasure trip to South Africa, scrap the whole team, no more cricket for next few years, rebuild cricket team. Till then compulsory rest, after side effects of overdose.

देशवासीयांच्या तीव्र भावना पोहोचविण्यासाठी वेंगसरकर दक्षिण आफ्रिकेस जाणारनवी दिल्ली, ता. २४ - दक्षिण आफ्रिकेविरुद्धच्या दुसऱ्या एकदिवसीय क्रिकेट सामन्यात झालेल्या मानहानीकारक पराभवाचे मायदेशात उमटलेल्या तीव्र प्रतिक्रिया खेळाडूंपर्यंत पोहोचविण्यासाठी निवड समितीचे अध्यक्ष दिलीप वेंगसरकर यांना तातडीने दक्षिण आफ्रिकेस जाण्याच्या सूचना देण्यात आल्या आहेत.ीय क्रिकेट मंडळाचे अध्यक्ष शरद पवार यांनी आज सकाळी दिलीप वेंगसरकर यांच्याशी सविस्तर चर्चा केली आणि त्यांना तातडीने दक्षिण आफ्रिकेस रवाना होण्यास सांगितले आहे. "एनडीटीव्ही' या दूरचित्रवाणीशी बोलताना पवार म्हणाले, आज सकाळी मी वेंगसरकर यांच्याशी प्रदीर्घ चर्चा केली आणि डर्बन येथील पराभवामुळे देशातील क्रिकेटप्रेमींनी व्यक्त केलेल्या तीव्र भावना कर्णधार, प्रशिक्षक तसेच खेळाडूंपर्यंत पोहोचविण्यास सांगितले आहे.

Friday, November 24, 2006


I do not understand why - we have to pay Rs.50.00 for the items sold at food stalls at Mumbai International Airport at Sahar when the M.R.P. is Rs.10.00.

Why cannot we have decent Food Court serving decent food at reasonale rates alike Food Court at Dubai Airport ?

Thursday, November 23, 2006


पाटोदा येथे हरणांचे कळप पिकांची मोठ्या प्रमाणावर नासधूस करीत असल्याने शेतकरी त्रस्त झाले आहेत.

I do not understand why the news is not other way around. The news should be "The Deers and other animals are harrassed by human encroachment into their territorty".

Tuesday, November 21, 2006


खेडमधील अपयशामुळे रामदास कदम यांचा राजीनामा

मुंबई, ता. २० - खेडच्या जनतेचाच आपल्यावर विश्‍वास नसेल, तर राज्याच्या विरोधी पक्षनेतेपदावर राहण्याचा आपल्याला अधिकार नाही, अशी खंत व्यक्‍त करीत खेड नगरपालिकेत शिवसेनेला स्वीकाराव्या लागलेल्या पराभवाची नैतिक जबाबदारी स्वीकारीत आपण विरोधी पक्षनेतेपदाचा राजीनामा देत आहोत, असे रामदास कदम यांनी सांगितले. ......... आज संध्याकाळी त्यांनी आपला राजीनामा शिवसेनाप्रमुख बाळासाहेब ठाकरे यांच्याकडे पाठविला.

MY COMMENTS : I do not understand why always the resignation is not submitted to the person who has got the final authority to accept it. Now in this case, I believe only Hon'ble Speaker of Assembly is the Final Authority.

Monday, November 20, 2006

Leonids Meteor Shower-2006

Leonids Meteor Shower-2006 - what a quite disappointment.
It was expected a great Leonids Meteor Shower this year on 19/11/06 early in the morning from 3.00 to 6.00 a.m even though actual peak period was around 5.00 p.m.
The cause of this year’s possible meteor storm was Comet Tempel-Tuttle, a comet with an Earth-crossing orbit that returns every 33 years. Over the years Tempel-Tuttle has left behind a debris trail over the entire course of its orbit, and every year on November 17 (this year on Nov.19) Earth crosses through the debris trail, resulting in the normally mild Leonids meteor shower.
While astronomers predict only a minimal blast of dust debris from comet Tempel-Tuttle this year, we thought it may be a spectacular event after 33 years.
On the night of November 18 and 19 we were all geared up in Pune to watch the skies for one of the most spectacular events visible from earth none other than a blazing deluge of fiery metrors known as a meteor storm. As at their peak most meteor showers result in one or two meteors per minute, it's really interesting to watch.
However notning happened on 18/11/06 night. Not a single meteor. Can you believe, on 19/11/06, we watched hardly 20-25 meteors during 2.30 a.m. to 5.30 a.m. Out of which noting was significant meteor, not a single meteor to remember. We kept on waiting awake till 2.00 in my home, then went and settled on terriace for the curtain to finally go up. Only console was general sky observation. On the top of that few of the meteors were from the nereby region and not from Leonids. On the top of that the dust and smog settled on horizan added fuel to our frustation along with insects and mosquito bites. We were supposed to go to some fort or hills nearby with complete darkness around to enjoy beauty of the shower, but on the last moment decided agaist it and I am glad for the same. It would have been sheer disappointment.
Few years back (was that much before my marriage and when I was free bird ?) , my friend and me had gone for night cross country walk from Indapur on Bombay ( not Mumbai, during those good old days) - Goa highway to Tale only to observe meteor shower, and let me tell you that it was really splendid show by the mother nature. W were so exhasted counting the meteors finally we give away and stopped counting.
One cannot predict mother nature. Can we ?

Friday, November 10, 2006

Good Bye Dubai

Eventully they all come to an end, Honeymoon and Holidays. We are back in Mumbai with pleasent memories of our holidays in Dubai. The deep impact of our first foreign trip is inforgotable. We had so much fun in Dubai along with my little princess, my niece, I cannot explain. The school declared 9 days holidays on the occasion of Ramadan, which was a windfall bonus for us. It was a tension free, stess free days for all of us. We travelled so much in and around Dubai, visited almost all the Shopping Malls, Hyperstores, Parks but never felt tired or exhausted at all at any point of time.
Now we are back to Mumbai with sameold routine and with a high hopes of visiting Dubai again and again.

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Mirch Masala, Dubai

One pleasant evening we were wandering in the Sikka’s and all of a sudden I noticed a board in Marathi, “Aapli Boli Aapli chav, Aassal Maharashtrachi chav, Aatta aaplya sevet, Gharguti ruchkar, swadishta …………” and I was pleasantly surprised. We entered in the restaurant, opened the menu to find out dishes ranging from Malvani Specials, like Kombdi Vade, Jhunka Bhakar, Barli Vangi, Sol Kadhi, Fish Malwani Masala, Jhinga Malvani Masala, Crab Malvani Masala, Bombil Fry, Bombil Masala, Chicken Malvani Masal, and then tipical maharashtian dishes like Sheera, Upma, Puri Bhajee, Sabudana Vada, Usal Pav, Missal Pav, Vada Pav, Kanda Bhaji, Kanda Pohe, Sabudana Khichidi, and then to Bhuna ghost, Mutton Masala, Chicken Masala, Kadai Chicken, Butter Chicken, Hari Bhari Sabji, Dal Fry, Dal Tadka, Aloo Mutter, Baigan Bharta, Channa Masala, Malai Kofta, Paneer Makhanwala, Chapattis, Kulcha, Rotis, etc etc. Without second thought we decided to have dinner in MIRCH MASALA, that’s the name of the restaurant.
Now you will ask me what’s so special about it. Well, MIRCH MASALA is a restaurant in Meena Bazar, Dubai run by Marathi Manus, Shri Vikrant Rohekar

We really wanted a change from Burgers and Fries and Pizzas and Fried rice and Noodles, that’s what we were eating everyday evening in Food courts in the shopping malls and were so thrilled to enter a restaurant with maharashtian dishes. I ordered Bharli Vangi, Bhakari, Jeera Rice and Dal Tadka., very tasty and delicious, simply irresistible, I must say. Two days later, we again went to the same joint for lunch and I intend to visit again and again to Mirch Masala during the stay in Dubai.

While having dinner, I found out from that lot’s of Marathi manus, away from their homeland, and from family, working in Dubai are eating in Mirch Masala only, availing their monthly tiffin services as a result not much missing home food.