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The mother nature has provided us so much medicines for which we do not have much appreciation and respect. Most of the time we overlook them. Those plants are available so near to us, but we are least bother about them and run after unknown man made medicines even for
minor sickness. Those pictures , my son has taken at Annual Plants. Flowers, Fruits and Vegetables Show organised by Brihanmumbai Mahanagar Palika at Veer Jeejabai Udhyn Byculla, Mumbai. Every year after year BMC keeps one section for AROMATIC AND MEDICINAL PLANTS and near each and every plant, they display the names and medicinal values for the knowledge of persons like me. All we require is to show little interest and take advantage of what kind Mother Nature has provided us freely ,with both the hands open.

Sab Mil Gao Basant Rutu Ki Mubarak

Basant Ghar Aaya, Koyaliya Mat Karo Pukar Kalijva lage Katyar, वसताचे आगमन होऊ लागल की ही गाण्याची याद येयला लागते. निसर्गाचे रुप पालटू लागते,

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When I shot picture posted in “Who Cares?” .What I was doing on the other side of the Road?

Well, I was enjoying buffet Lunch at The Bayview, Hotel Marine Plaza, at Subhash Chandra Road, Near Nariman Point. The restaurant with most spacious view of Arabian Sea.

My most favorite place for buffet Lunch, Soups, Salads, Main Course, (Punjabi and Thai/Chinese) and most attractive desserts, best in the whole world.

This is the place where I enjoy buffet thoroughly. I have my own technique developed over the years. I always make it a point to enjoy each and every dish served from Soup, Salads to Desserts. I take my own sweet time; I won’t mind getting up ten times to fill my plate, Small portions at a time, step by step. I never take large portions of all dishes together at a single point of time as its all get mixed up. This is a time when I do not care for others. I know what I am doing. I watch all other people, mixing up salads with the main course, not using Salad Plate; I hardly eat Rotis / Naan as I do not intend to fill my precious stomach with them. I concentrate more on the consuming vegetables without support of roties and naans.

And I always, under any circumstances ensure that the stomach is half empty for the Lovely Desserts. They have so much to offer. That's the time when I overlook my cholesterol.

Unfortunately last so many years, I have been promising my wife and son for Buffet Lunch at Hotel Marine Plaza, not able to fulfill my promise still because of economical constraints,

However I have taken them twice for Buffet Dinner at The Orchids near domestic airport, when my wallet was fully loaded with Credit Cards. Well that’s another story.


ही वेळ आहे दुपारची.

उन्हात चादणे फुलायचे झोपाळ्यावाचुन झुलायचे !! तारुण्याचे दिवस फार रम्य असतात. भर दुपारी ऐन उन्हात, जगापासुन दुर आपल्याच विश्वात रमणिय झालेले हे प्रेमि युगुल पाहुन मला आमचे सोनेरी दिवस आठवले.आता मात्र १८ व. नतर ससारात चागलेच चटकेच चटके जाणवतात. आर्थिक, शारिरिक, मानसिक, सर्व प्रकारचे दाह, शितलतेचे नावच नाही.

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Can I please

Priyabhashini from

Can I please use the Caption with your kind permission ?

"आयुष्य खरंच सोपं असतं, आपणच त्याला कठीण करून ठेवतो, स्वत:साठी आणि इतरांसाठी."

That is exactly what I have done in reality.

Sangeetha Vegetarian Restaurant

Chettinad spl. Vadai, Kuzhi Paniyaram, Kal Dosai, Kottu, Poriyal, Spl. Kozhambhu, Appam, Kuzhi Paniyarm, Elan Dosai, Kal Dosai, Thavala Vadai, Sweet Seeyam, Pal Paniyaram, Pal Kozhukattai, Adai Avial, Vendiya Dosai,, Kaima Idly, Pesarat Dosai, Mysore Masala Dosai, Appalam, Roast Pappad, Vadai, Pongal, Podi Dosai, Idly, Plain Dosai, Masala Dosai, Onion Dosai, Rava Dosai, Ghee Paper Roast, Tomato Oothappam, Madras Filter coffee and Mini Idly so on.

Do you thing I am sitting in one of restaurant in South India and Chennai in particular and ordering one of the dishes mentioned above?

You are absolutely wrong. No doubt the dishes are from Sangeetha Vegetarian Restaurant. However the locations of the restaurants are Karama and Bur Dubai.

Was there any difference between any South Indian Restaurants in Tamil Nadu and in Dubai ? Very difficult to say. Same taste same ambiance, not much of a difference.

For South Indian Food lover like me, finding Sangeetha Vegetarian Restaurant. in Dubai was bonanza, So many times we visited Sangeetha “Krishna Only Knows “


प्रिय सपादक,


आपण आम्हाला अमिताभ बच्चन बद्दल अजुन किती वाचयला लावणार आहेत ? अमिताभ बच्चनच्या गाडीचे आम्हाला काय सोयरसुतक ? बापजन्मात आमच्या दारात अशी कोणी गाडी उभी केली नाही आणि कोणीही करणार नाही. त्याची गाडी त्याच्या घरी. ( दि. २३/०/२००७)
ह्या कुटूबाबद्द्ल आता रोजच्यारोज किती दिवस लिहले जाणार आहे ? कोणताही अतिरेक झाला की उलटी होते !!


Wednesday, February 21, 2007


sample of Birtday Caks, we ordered on Birthday

I strongly believe in one principal that “Only change is constant in the life”.

However when it comes down to gourmet, I feel sometimes I am too rigid.

To prove my point, I will say that I have never ordered Birthday Cakes from anywhere except from The Gaylord Bake Shop at Churchgate ever since I started following “foodism” rigorously. I must confess I do ordered cakes from R.T.I at Huges Road and Croissants at Churchgate on one or two occasions. But my conscious mind brings me back to Gaylord.

If you happen to pass on Veer Nariman Road from the Seashore side, you will notice three food traps. Beware of it and you fall for it carefully. No harm done. First one is Pizzeria. To live its true meaning, Pizzeria serves excellent pizzas. It has been catering to the real need of pizza lovers much, much before the new breed of Domino’s and Pizza Huts mushrooming in the Indian market and it’s still invulnerable. I have a hunch may be it’s the first Pizza Restaurant in Mumbai as my memory goes back to my college days. The beauty of the restaurant is in the Conner Location facing towards sea who brings in cool romantic breeze to turn pleasantly atmosphere in to the gorgeous weather for the foodie’s involved deeply worshipping pizzas with nears and dears.

The second trap is K.Rustum, oldest Ice-cream shop in Mumbai famous for sandwich ice- creams and coldest sweet curd prepared and served in a glass. However it’s slowly losing its charm.

Third in a row is my all time favorite The Gaylord Bake Shop. Just close your eyes and let your nose take a lead to find out the place. Let it be arose and guided by the aroma of freshly Breads and Buns and Rolls and Puffs and Danish and Croissants and Tea Cakes and Cheese Cakes and Mousses and Pies and Tarts and Assorted Desserts and Cookies and Chocolates and Pastries and Cakes and Cakes ranging from Chocolate Truffle to Designer Dome Truffle, from Enchanted Forest to Blueberry Mousse cake, from Strawberry Jaiconde to Rum Kist or Chocolate Alexandra or German Black Forest or Hazelnut Crush. Stop it please. I cannot take it any more.

When I want Focaccia Bread I go to Gaylord. When I need Norlander, and Rye and Thyme and Six Grains Bread, I go to Gaylord. When I need Country Brown Bread, Garlic Bread, White Velvet Sandwich Bread, I still go to Gaylord. When my son is hungry we go to Gaylord for Blueberry Muffins, for Chocolate Croissant, Chocolate Éclair, for Chocolate Mousse, for Passion Fruit Mousse. Chocolate Brownie is my wife’s favorite and simple Veg. Puff mine.

No doubt, behind every successful eatery, the behavior of the persons on the other side of the counter plays important role. The friendly, enthusiast, never tiring, ever smiling staff members works as magnetic force to attract Gaylord’s devotees again and again for their daily need of BREAD and BUTTER.

“If you cannot afford bread, eat Cake”…….. ( I am eating both at The Gaylord Bake Shop)

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Bharli Vangi, Pithale Ani Bhakari

Menu for Dinner - Gaoran dishes - Bharli Vangi, Pithale, Jwarichi Bhakari and Bajarichi Bhakari too, with Lasun chatani and Raw Onion

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Fo cha Bha Ani Po cha LA

Today’s menu is Fo cha Bha Ani Po cha LA

No. Those are not Chinese dishes prepared on Chinese New Year. Those are the Pure Maharashtian dishes made from Leftovers.

Fo cha Bha means Phodanicha Bhat. And Po cha La means Policha Ladoo.

The rice leftover during dinner is the Phodanicha Bhat next day.

Heat oil on a low flame, add chopped onion, potato, green chilies, mustard seeds, coriander leaves, asafetida, turmeric powder, and Rice and stir it for 2/3 minutes.

Fo cha Bhat is Ready.

For Policha Ladoo, Make small pieces of leftover Poli or Chappatii or even Bajarichi Bhakari.

Heat Shuddha Homemade Ghee on a low flame. Mix jaggery and chapati pieces, stir it for 2/3 minutes. After it cools down, make Ladoos . And Eat it.

Yoko Sizzlers

It’s a time for Sizzlers.

Saturday night we all went to Yoko Sizzlers at Fort, well all of us except my wife who has been advised by doctor to take complete bed rest. I was not very much interested in going out without her.

My son ordered for Veg. Shashalik Sizzlers, and Veg. Sizzlers by me. Somewhat we did not enjoy Sizzlers. It was not up to mark. I found in Veg. Sizzlers, the major portion was Potato Chips and half way the Law of Diminishing Marginal Utilities started applying.

I also think the price was also at higher side. Rs.280.00 and Rs.230.00 for simply Veg.

Not worth going again at their fort branch. We had been to their original outlet at Khar three four times and I feel the taste is more superior over their.



No.41(Feb. 2007) of the Kindness Unlimited eZine

A member of the World Kindness Movement
From the Editor:
We have always stressed that our mission is threefold: Kindness to self, kindness to the environment, and kindness to others. Many friends wonder how the environment comes into the picture. Less charitable people even feel that we are just swayed by the flavour of the era: Environmental concern. I thought it will help everyone if I clarify matters.
All kindness has to start with kindness to self, without it a person will not be in a position to offer kindness to others. If one is very hungry, ill or going through some personal crisis would it not be unrealistic to expect any kindness to others from him? Before you do frequent and consistent kind acts to others you must be reasonably fit in mind and body.
Kindness to others is important because human society generally works on the principle of reciprocity; only a saintly person can turn the other cheek to an enemy who has just slapped him on one cheek. Others would just avoid their assaulters or take other steps like registering a complaint with the police. Reciprocity breeds cooperation when most people are kind.
Most of us are not saints, but are certainly good individuals who wish to live and let live. When others are kind to us we are inclined to return the kindness whenever the opportunity arises. When a large number of people perform frequent kind acts they are likely to make many more friends, and never antagonize people and create enemies. Kindness has many other benefits for the persons who practice it. Our idea of propagating kindness is aimed at a more orderly society where strife is minimal, and mutual cooperation is the rule.
Kindness to the environment is for the purpose of preserving planet earth for the present and future generations, and making their lives safe and comfortable. As such, it is kindness to both self and others (and this includes the future generations). How can we forget this aspect of kindness?- Vasant
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Annual Art Festival- Sir JJ School of Arts

And the Awards goes to

Remember the Movie "Jumanji".
Hey, there are animals all over in the citi, Mumbai. Somebody please do something

Little Artist, My Little Princess, my niece, Sampada on the job