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How to quit smoking or rather how I quit smoking ?

Once upon a time I was a chain smoker. It is said that once a smoker , always a smoker. It is extremly difficult to quit smoking. I tried quitting several time but nothing stopped me from returing to smoking.

One day I read a story in book written by Late Va Pu Kale as told by Acharya Rajneesh. The story goes like this.

Situation is, One young man, after getiing up from bed early in the morning is very restless as he is having great urge to smoke. All his stock is over and to get a cigarette he wants to go all the way to the vendor. He is having a guest in his house, who tells him
" Some persons when they get up from bed , first thing in the morning they have urge to Smoke, for Some people, they search for rosary to chant god's name when they get up from the bed. I am not saying that chanting is good or smoking is bad or eighter way, all I am saying habit is bad, I am not asking you to quit smoking, quit the habit.

And I quit the HABIT. Last 15-20 years I have not touched Cigarette.

Let it be the New Year's Resolutions of all the Smokers to quit the HABIT.

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Terracota Pots, Paintings

This is of glass

Terracota Pots

Sir pe dhari gaang

Raaga Shankara :-

Sir pe dhari gaang, Kamar mrugachhala
Muundaki Galmaal, Hatheli Sul Saje
Pinaki mahagyani, aajab rup dhaare
Halat dul aaye. dimaru dim baaje

Sunder nayan tore dekh mann bhaye
Naad Shiv Shiv damaru baaje
Aaye Natraj sheshgalmaal
Shobhe saang girijasut saath

Raaga Shankara by Late Pandit Kumarji Ghandharva

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I am going to list down my favorite songs sung by Lataji from my memory.

Aab gam ko bana lenge jeene ka sahara
Aai chand mera tujaase ye kahya raha hai, tu bevafaa na hona
Aai pyar teri duniyase hum itnishi nishani leke chale
Aaj mere nasseb ne muzko rula rual diya
Aasi muhabbat se hum baaz aai jo dil ko jalaye,sataye,rulaye
Bahahe phir bhi aayegi
Baichain karnewale tu bhi chain na paye
Bajuband khul khul ja
Balma ja ja ja
Bandh Preeti Phulawar, Man leke chitachor bhul jana na, bhul jana na.
Bedard jamane se shikva na shikayat hai
Bhjulja ai dil mohabat ka phasana
Chand hai maadhyam
Chakori ka chandase pyar
Dard mila hai tere pyar ki nishani o dene wale teri meherbani
Dil hi to hai tadap gaya
Dukhiyare naina dhunde piyako
Ek dil ka lagana baki tha wo bhi lagake dekhliya
Ek thes lagi aasoo tapke
Ghadiya gini hai maine tere intazzar me
Hamare baad aab mehfil me aafasane baaiya honge
Jab raat nahi katati
Jate ho to javo hum bhi yaha yadonke sahare ji lenge
Jo muze bhulake chale gaye muze unki yaad sataye kyu
Kaaga re ja re ja re mohe piya ka sandeshwaa la re la re
Kali kali raat re dil bada sataye teri yaad aaiye
Katate hai dukh me din pehule badal badalke
Kisiki najar ka mast ishara hai jindaji,ek aasamaan ka tuta sitara hai jindagi
Koi kisika diwana na bane
Luta gayi oomidoki duniya
Luto dil mera
Mai Sagar Ki Mast Lahqr tu Aaasaman Ka chand Milan Ho Kaise Milan Ho Kaise
Man me kisi ki preet jagake
Naa umid hoke bhi duniya me jiye jaate hai dil tut gaya phir bhi hum pyar kiye jate hai
Preetam meri duniya me do din to rahe hote, hum prem ke saagar me eksaath baye hote
Pyar ki yai talkhiyaa
Saapna ban saajan aaye
Saavari surat maan bhai re piya
Sajjan ki gali chod chale
Sajjan se peheli baar mile to bole kaise humko hai aapase pyar
Subahaka intazaar kaun kare
Sunlo sajan dil ki baat
Taare gin gin beeti sari raat
Taare wohi tai, chand wohi hai hai magar
Tumhare bulaneko ji chathata hai
Tute huve aaramanoki ek duniya basaye, baithi hu te yaad ka lekarki saahara
Wo to chale gaye ai dil yaad se unki pyar kar
Yahi Bahar hai duniya ko bhul jane ki khushi mananeki
Yeh arzoo thi ke hum bahar dekenge, kise pata tha phiza baar baar dekhenge

Saturday, December 16, 2006


When my father was retired, big vaccum was created in his life. I presented him Paint, Brush and Canvas. The outcome was inevitable.


Ready to Use Rangoli for very busy working women. Afterwards it can be used as Wall Hanging.

Right of Way of Pedestrians - 1

Dear Respected Authorities,

Do we really have any other option than walking in the middle of Jamshedji Tata Road while coming out in open from both sides of Eros towards Churchgate Railway Station on the way back home? Why the Car Parking Area is obstruction in our free and safety walk?

And sir, most importantly where is the Traffic Signal on the pedestrian crossing for pedestrians coming from Hutatma Chowk and Eros near the subway entrance to Churchgate Railway Station on J.Tata Road?

Please remember that the Safety and Right of Way of Pedestrians should be of prime importance than flow of vehicle traffic.

(Evidence follows)

Friday, December 15, 2006

Varan, Bhat, Tup Ani Wine?

Dear Shri Abhijit Desai,

For a long time I was thirsty to read good, knowledgeable article on wine and I am so glad to say that finally, the craving was satisfied with your article titled “Jeevan Meri Madhushala” in Lokprabha, Diwali 2006.

Varan, Bhat, Tup Ani Wine? I couldn't believe it? You want us to enjoy wine with Vada Pau, Walache Birde, Mugachi Usal, Battyachi Bhaji, Thalipit, Misal, Zhunka Bhakar and Mirchicha Thecha? Are you sure? Did I read it correctly? With Kheer also?

On the top of that are you trying to confuse us by advising to try wine with Gujarati Thali along with Shrikhand or Basundi as sweet dish?

My dear Abhijit, let me tell you, it’s very late in the night today and the shops must be closed outside. I will ensure that I strictly follow your advice from tomorrow. First thing first. After all I am quite impressed with the article.

We had very little knowledge about wine, winery, and vineyards in Maharashtra, Vanadhipati Shri Vinayakdada Patil, Shri Jagdish Holkar, Sula Vineyards, Shri Rajeev Samant and Shri Pradip Pachpatil.

This New Year’s my resolution is to visit Sula Vineyards and just enjoy the life.

Thursday, December 14, 2006


What a windfall gain. Somebody’s loss is somebody else’s gain. I just experienced it today. (Dane Dane par likhya hai khanewale ka naam. On each and every food grain, the name of the person who is going to eat it is written)

It so happened that my (Mehuni ) Sister-In-Law (Wife's sister) had placed an order for 51 Puranpolies with Shri Vaishyampayan (Mobile no. 9224374520, Phone no.28828004) at Malad, in Mumbai for some function and due to unavoidable circumstances the function was cancelled, however the decision was taken very late and the puranpoli’s were ready and already delivered to my Brother-in-law’s home.
Not to mention this Samaritan rushed to the rescue of my Sister-in-Law as usual ( Kya kare ? Sali hoti hi hai aadhi gaharwali . On second thought I take back my comments. My wife is youngest and I do not want my Brother-in-law to ever think on those same lines). We traveled all the way to Malad, which is around 30-35 k.m. from my home one way, just for the sake of eating Puranpolies. Any way as mentioned in my earlier blog, my wife was long thrusting to visit her sister’s place ( Two birds in one stone), so she was also equally happy.

On reaching, immediately I took stock of the situation, and casually inquired about the distribution cycle, falling into my trap, she innocently told me that 10 puranpolies for this family and 10 for that and 10 for themselves and so on. My calculative mind immediately started calculating and then suddenly she must have realized my intention and was very generous today for a change. I was so jubilant to find out, we were the major shareholders. I also wanted to test whether or no, the Law of Diminishing Marginal Utilities applies while enjoying Puranpolies.
Remember the story of two monkeys , Cat ( Boka) and Khoya ( Khava) in Panchtantra. Today I was behaving just like Boka. The temptation was simply irritable and was converting me into shameless, greedy and hopeless lot.

To come back to Puranpolies, they were simply delicious, extra soft, delightful, and heavenly. Best in the world. Puranpolies goes very well with milk with sugar and shuddha ghee and with Katachi Aamti. I have not eaten Puranpolies like this anytime before in my life

To enjoy Puranpolies one does not have to necessary wait for Holi festival.
For the first time in my life I want to Thank her for the extraordinary treat.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

baigan ka bharta and bajrichi bhakri

Last few days I kept on nagging my wife and kept on complaining that she is not preparing something special for me which I really enjoy from my heart and finally tonight she decided to show little mercy on me.

Firstly I eat my words back followed by tonight’s extraordinary menu for dinner with Baigan ka Bharta, Bajrichi bhakri, with lots of pure ghee on top. In addition to that she prepared Pithale and Coconut/Groundnut/Til Chutney. To add taste, Curd and Raw onion were also present. What a nice way to start winter season.

I could not help myself with extra helpings and overeating. Baigan ka Bharta was so delicious I could not stop licking my fingers at the time of eating. I thoroughly enjoyed dinner after long time.

This is my gastronomically lucky week. On Mumbai during this season, on the streets, one can find food vendor’s selling Sweet Potatoes grilled on charcoal with masala on top. I love it so much and I am glad to say that last three days I have been lucky to find those carts and eating and eating grilled sweet potatoes.

However in Ahmedabad, near Law garden, one gets much better version of the grilled sweet potatoes. After 7/8 years of gap I do not remember how it was prepared, but I still remember the taste. I think the dish is called “Sakaria” and its somewhat like Fruit chat or Aloo chats available in Karol Baug. New Delhi. I have not even forgotten the food stalls near Law Garden. I feel Gujjus are the greatest food lovers in the whole world and I have great respect for the way they enjoy food.

In next few days, the carts selling roasted harbhare will appear on the streets.

Some other time when my wife is in good mood again, I intend to request her quietly to cook Bhutte Ka Kis, a dish available only in Sarafa in Indore. Let's see and hope for best.

Monday, December 11, 2006


Baaziichaa-e-atfaal hai duniyaa mere aage ,hotaa hai shab-o-roz tamaashaa mere aage
[baaziichaa-e-atfaal = child's play]

mat puuchh ke kyaa haal hai meraa tere piichhe,tuu dekh ke kyaa rang hai teraa mere aage

ham_peshaa-o-ham_masharab-o-ham_raaz hai meraa, 'Ghalib' ko buraa kyo kaho achchhaa mere aage [ham_peshaa = of the same profession] [ham_masharab = of the same habits(i.e. a fellov drinker)] [ham_raaz = confidante]

Sunday, December 10, 2006


Today the climate in my home is sorely hot. My wife is in a bad temper. The reason is quite obvious, Few days back I requested (in her words “ORDER “, Gharat lolat basun phuchtche hukum kaarayala kaaya jaate?), her to cook “SURNOLI”, kind of Dosa prepared by South and North Kanara Saraswat Samaj. Courtesy Ms.Shymla Badal, who shared the recipe in Loksatta.

To add fuel to the fire, my father asked (farmaiesh) her yesterday night whether she is preparing “Godebatati” for dinner, when she was planning for something else. And on the top of that my mother passed a comments in the morning while having conversation with my sister on visit, saying “just look at my Daughter-in-law, she is not even get a chance to visit her sister’s place”

My position is like Railway Junction.

To come back to the recipe, with kind permission, I would like to reproduce the same on my blog. The veteran’s in this field please excuse me for my silly errors and please correct me and please do not make fun of me.


Two bowlful of rice, (Jadsar tandul)
One bowl of grated wet coconut (Olye naralacha kis)
One bowl jade pohe.
One bowl Jaggery
One spoon fenugreek seeds (methiche Dane),
Half bowl buttermilk
Little turmeric,
Small bowlful butter (loni) or oil
Salt to taste.


On previous night, wash rice along with fenugreek seeds thoroughly and soak it in water.
Wash Pohe and soak it in buttermilk.
After four hours, combine all ingredients (Rice, pohe, jaggery, coconut, turmeric, and salt), And grind to just enough to make a smooth mixture. (Jaadasar vatun ghya)Let the batter ferment overnight.Heat pan hot enough, add butter (loni) or oil, put a ladleful of batter in the centre of the pan. Immediately spread the batter in a circular motion starting from the centre like dosa and keep it covered for few minutes, on low flame cook it for one side only. Since it contains jaggery, the chances of burning are more if you keep gas on high flame

After sometime you will notice the color changing from yellowish, that’s means Surnoli is ready. Serve it hot and it goes well with Khobarachi chuttany and Sajuk tup.

Enjoy the aroma while eating like I enjoyed.
Thanks for Corrections :
You sure picked the wrong time for Surnoli! The batter needs to ferment quite a bit for good Surnoli and it's been BRR! cold since the past few days. But if you MUST have, then ... I generally heat the pressure cooker, turn it off and leave the batter in it to ferment overnight if the temp. is cold .Recipe is perfect though. One suggestion: the Surnoli should be spread thick, unlike a Dosa which is spread thin. Serve with dry chutney powder made using phutana daal, roasted dry coconut (grated), lots of kadipatta, hing, turmeric, amchur powder, salt and mirchi powder


Saturday, December 09, 2006

Shoppping Malls and Social Responsibilities.

In Burjuman, shopping mall in Dubai, we noticed, lots of signs, after inquisition, we found out that Burjuman have started a drive against Breat Cancer on a large scale, with free medical check ups, advices, treatment, support and so on.

Hats off to the management. How many of our Shopping malls owns up themselfs to the social responsibilities?

Phir Wohi Shaam Wohi Gham Wohi Tanahai

Phir Wohi Shaam Wohi Gham Wohi Tannhai ( again it's the same evening , same pain,agony, and, same loneliness

And God one day created Dard (pain, agony) and Dard anngej (one that inflicts or increases pain)

Then on second thought, he created Dard Aaashana (one who understands other’s pain) and gave him makhamali (silky) voice with smoothing touch or stroke.

The voice is called TALAT.

Then he created another voice called LATA

Then to help Lata, God created full force of music directors. Anil Biswas, Shyam Sunder, Husnalal-Bhagatram, C.Ramachandra, Sajjad Hussein, Vinod, Gulam Haider, Shankar-Jaikisan, Madan Mohan,Vasant Desai, N.Datta, K.Datta,Ravi, S.D.Burman.

Then he created ME, to enjoy his Original creation “DARD”


After the most disappointmernt of Leonids Meteor Shower-2006 -show, we all must gear up to watch GEMINDS METEORS SHOWERS on 14/12/06 midnight.

During an average hour, the Geminids can produce a hundred or so meteors (or “shooting” stars). Most impressive, however, is that Geminids can be quite bright and multicolored, with many leaving smoke trails behind them or even casting a shadow.

Even though the Geminids appear everywhere in the sky, trace them backward and they all seem to radiate from a point in the constellation Gemini. This “radiant” lies just west of the bright star Castor. During mid-December, you will see Castor and Gemini rise above the east-northeastern horizon during the early evening hours.

This year's Geminid shower peaks before dawn next Thursday and is not hampered by bright moonlight. To view it, absolutely no equipment is needed; just get away from bright city lights, lie back on a sleeping bag or lawn chair, and scan the entire sky. Binoculars may come in handy in case a fireball should leave behind a bright, lingering smoke trail.
And don't forget to dress warmly.

All the best.

Planetary triple play on deck Sunday

Stargazers will get a rare triple planetary treat this weekend with Jupiter, Mercury and Mars appearing to nestle together in the predawn skies. About 45 minutes before dawn on Sunday those three planets will be so close that the average person's thumb can obscure all three from view.
They will be almost as close together on Saturday and Monday, but Sunday they will be within one degree of each other in the sky. Three planets haven't been that close since 1925, and it won't happen again until 2053, he said.

"Jupiter will be very bright and it will look like it has two bright lights next to it, and they won't twinkle because they're planets,"

The planets are actually hundreds of millions of miles apart, but the way the planets orbit the sun make it appear they are neighbors in the east-southeastern skies. They'll be visible in most parts of the world —

Tuesday, December 05, 2006


Hearty congratulations, Koneru Humpy.

Grandmaster Koneru Humpy bags India's first gold medal as Chess debuts at Asian Games in Doha on 04/12/06.

We are proud of you. She won Gold Medal in the individual women's rapid chess championship.

Koneru Humpy was born in Gudivada, near Vijayawada, in Andhra Pradesh and started playing chess when she was 5 years old. She has won four World Championships, including the World Girls Under 10, Under 12, Under 14 and World Girls Junior championships.

In May 2002, Humpy achieved her 3rd GM Norm in the Elekes Memorial Grandmaster tournament in Budapest. At the age of 15 years 1 month and 27 days, she became the youngest woman to become an international grandmaster.

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